Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 Air Race Classic

Hello Friends!

Here, at your service, is a two-year Air Race Classic veteran and aviation enthusiast. For those of you whom I have not personally met, my name is Robin and I completed my undergraduate work at Kansas State University and first became involved in the Air Race Classic in 2006 and went on to compete in 2007. I assisted Kali and Merritt by blogging for them in 2009. Their website: http://kalimerrarc09.blogspot.com/

This year, I will be blogging again for the wildcat women and providing updates for you, in addition to being support throughout the race. I am thrilled to be asked to be a part of this year's support team, and have the assistance of another friend and KSU graduate, Niki who will also assist in updating the blog and other support for the KSU Team throughout the race.

This year, Kansas State University has two women who will be competing in the annual Women's Air Race Classic. For more details regarding the race, please see:
Coming soon:
Intro of our 2011 Kansas State University Competitors
More race news/updates for our team.


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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to following Megan Henderson and Niki! Go Wildcats! Stay safe

Love, Aunt Theresa