Monday, June 20, 2011

Madness on Monday

This morning we got up around 630 and went to a few briefings before the race started tomorrow. This morning it was raining, which has been happening a lot here lately, so we were glad to be inside out of the weather.

During our first briefing we were instructed on how we were going to be timed during the race, in other words how to fly by the airport. Flybys for the different airports are done around 200 to 300 AGL. Th air race has special permission to fly that low from the FAA. We are really excited to fly that low.

After that briefing we had a guest speaker then a weather update. During that morning the weather for takeoff the next day did't look good at all. We took a lunch break then took a short nap and then headed to the new racer briefing downstairs. There, a lot of new racers asked questions about the race that they weren't sure about.

Nicole's dad, step mom and papa arrived In Iowa City and took us to the airport to inspect our plane. Since it has been raining a lot and there are strong winds we wanted to make sure that our aircraft was secure. It was when we arrived which was a good thing.

After that Nicole and I did more planning for our route, not expecting to be able to fly the route tomorrow because of the weather. We would later find out that the air race decided to cancel part of the race. So instead of flying through the Dakotas, and Wyoming, we are now staring the race in Alliance, Nebraska.

The air race is giving us till 1200, moutntain time, on Wednesday get to Alliance. Since some ofthr aircraft, including us, can't make it all the way to Alliance without stopping for fuel that is why we are staring there. We will keep everyone updated on our travels tomorrow if we can even depart from Iowa City.

Also we had a very nice dinner with iour mama birds tonight at an Italian restaurant. We learned more about them all and our very fortunate to have such awesome mama birds!! So thanks for all the help!! We really appreciate it.

Check back later and we will show you why we can't fly our route tomorrow. Night everyone.

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