Saturday, June 18, 2011

Made it to Starting Line: Iowa City, Iowa

Yesterday evening, I received a call from Nicole informing me that she and Megan made it safely to Iowa City, Iowa.
They unloaded the plane, and started to get checked in...but with the possibility of a storm in the area, they skipped ahead to a quick flight with the panel to ensure that the airplane met the standards for the race. (And to ensure that there were no illegal modifications made that makes the airplane go faster than the given handicapp category they will be competing in.)

Today will consist of finishing the check-in process, going through the aircraft logbooks, and probably even a seminar or two for first time racers. All racers have to be in Iowa City by NOON today, so it will be a busy, long day for these ladies.

Megan and Nicole have some pictures they will post in the next few days and I'm sure some excitement from meeting the phenominal ladies they have the opportunity to compete with.

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