Friday, June 24, 2011

We made it!!

We made it!!

We just completed of fifth and final leg of the 35th annual Air Race Classic. Overall we both agree that the decisions we made were the best we could have. We wouldn't have been able to make it here without the help of many awesome people.

First of all we would like to say a huge thanks to the Conner Burton Aviation Foundation. Without their help we wouldn't have been able to even compete. Next year we hope to teach the younger girls at our school what we have learned. So that we can always have a team for Kansas State University in the future. After we graduate we hope to be able to give back to the Burton Foundation someday when we are able. To check out their website just go to
There you can make a donation or see many of the other students at Kansas State University that the Burton Foundation has helped. Thank you again Jan for all of your help!! The Burton Foundation helps our students by offering scholarships to some students that would not be able to fly without them.

Also a big thank you to Robin and Niki. Without them neither of us would have been able to prepare for this race. We were clueless enough when we got here and had to ask both Robin and Niki for advise along the way. A special thanks to Robin for helping us keep our blog updated, some days we were just to tired to update it ourselves.

A big big thank you goes out to our maintenance crew at Kansas State. They made sure our airplane was in top shape to fly for this
race. Our line guys also did an awesome job cleaning and waxing our plane before we left, to bad bug free airspace doesn't exist. But we did
our best to keep the plane clean along the way. Thanks again for the help during our race Mike.

Another person who deserves our thanks is our Mama birds. Linda Evans, Alison Chalker and Barbara Strachan. They were also a big help in answering questions when we didn't have the answer. We enjoyed getting to know all of you. Competing in the air race was a lot of fun and we hope to be able to meet with all of you in the future. Thanks again for all the advise.

One last thank you goes out to Kathy Sanders, Mark Friesen, the Aviation department, Natalie Blair, our Marketing Team, and of course all of our readers who have followed our blog. Thanks again everyone!!

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Robin said...

You are more than welcome! I have been in your shoes a couple of times...and know how exhausting it is...yet totally worth every minute! SO proud of you both! CONGRATS!