Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 1: KAIA to KGBD to KBGD

START YOUR ENGINES! (brumm...brummm...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......put put.pputtt....brrrr....)

The ladies (well, most of them) departed Alliance, Nebraska today at noon mountain time (please dis-reguard my previous mis-calculation of mountain time...I guess I'm on my own "Robin" Mountain time!) There are a few ladies that have not left...and I'm not sure if they are still going to compete or not. (some may have had maintenance issues)

Say hello to two friendly face...Lauren Dawson (left) and myself (right). Lauren and I competed in the Air Race Classic in 2007. We went out to Great Bend to cheer the KSU ladies on and also help with the timing line. We had a wonderful trip and were glad to lend our support and time to such a fun event.

And here it is...the 2011 KSU ARC Team's FIRST flyby!
The thrill, excitement, and pure craziness...all in one flyby...flying a couple hundred feet, buzzing the runway at full just a day in the life of an air race classic pilot! And imagine....flying one direction with traffic taking off the opposite direction....a well coordinated and absolutely crazy, yet remarkably safely executed procedure. It's amazing. The ladies preformed excellently and it was fun to watch!

Lauren and Robin with the stop chair, Trish--who was kind enough to let us fly her baby to see our KSU ladies!! We cannot thank you enough for giving us this opportunity!

Here we all are...quick pic! Left to right:
Megan, Nicole, Lauren, Robin

And the ramp filled up rather quickly....

And here they are, after flying the timing line...can you see those smiles?! I think they had a blast! could be bacause of their awesome fans...
Megan's younger brother and mom, in addition to Nicole, Megan, and Jack: 

The ladies flew a great first leg...and decided to fly leg #2 which was from Great Bend to Borger, Texas. They will stay overnight in Texas and re-assess the weather in the morning, hoping to get good weather and tail winds. Until then, goodnight everyone!

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