Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pre Race Planning: Updating Maps

Pre-Race Preparation. Megan sent Robin a few pictures. Here is a collaborative post including some of those images.

Nicole and I also flew on a cross country together. We went to Columbia Missouri. Here are a couple pictures from that practice flight.

Preparing to depart for Salina:

Pre-Race planning is exciting! There are sectionals (maps) to get, update, and plan the route on. Additionally, becoming familiar with the route, terrain, airspace, and obstacles along the route are some of the most exciting parts of planning....not to mention getting a sneak peak at other areas of the country that these ladies have never been to is all part of the fun.

Here are a few pictures from the process:

Here we finished updating the Dallas Ft. Worth Sectional chart

Megan updating a chart:

Nicole: Holding all the charts....

Trip many sectionals does one leg of the race cover!?

Entire Route....
(the sectionals are front to back...
so part of the trip is on the back side...but still......
a lot of work to plan! great job ladies!)

Updating charts...this one is one from South Dakota. The ladies went through to add any additional towers or obstacles that were built since the sectionals were published. They had to know how to read latitude/longitude and where to put the obstacle. One of the many ways they have gotten to use every bit of flight training they have had thus far.

The gentleman in the AHP shirt is Jack. Hello Jack! Thanks for helping the ladies update the sectionals!!

And here is a picture of a map that did NOT need updated...they were excited about this one! Newly published map means no updates!

The duo is hard at work updating sectionals:

Look at this smile....she sees the FINISH LINE: Mobile, Alabama
Now, imagine the smile Nicole will have on her face when she gets there :  )

The team plans to depart KSLN (Salina, KS) on Friday, June 17, 2011. Departure time is yet to be determined based on weather and winds. The team will not have to make any fuel stops from KSLN to the Starting line in Iowa City, Iowa. Their initial flight will take about 3 hours and they will cover just over 300 Nautical Miles. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates!

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