Monday, June 13, 2011

Bio: Megan Henderson

This year Megan will be the captain of the Kansas State University team. Megan and Nicole will be flying together. They have been close friends since beginning school at K-State Salina during our Freshman year. Theya are both extremely excited for this opportunity and cannot wait for the race to start!!

Megan was born and raised in Topeka, KS with her five siblings. Megan's interest in flying began when she was in high school and she completed her private pilot's license at Billard Airport. Her love of flying began when her Freshman year in High School. Megan became interested in flying after her first flight in the backseat of a C182. After that first flight, she was hooked.

Megan is a junior in the Professional Pilot Program at Kansas State University. Megan currently holds her Commercial and Instrument ratings, currently pursuing her Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) (so she can teach people how to fly!!). She will be graduating in May 2013 with a Bachelors Degree in Aeronautical Sciences, and two minors, one in Aviation Safety and one in Business.

While at Kansas State University Megan has been involved in many different clubs. Currently, she is the Safety Officer for our Alpha Eta Rho chapter here on campus. Megan was also the Treasurer of Women in Aviation, and the current Vice President. While working as an officer in Women in Aviation, Megan helped our club organize community service events, fundraise for our yearly trip to the Women in Aviation Conference, and also help the club be active on campus. She stays active by organizing events with the local Girl Scout group, selling root beer floats, and making cookies for Breast Cancer Awareness week. Megan is also a student Ambassador who helps represent school at various events, and give perspective students tours.

Megan is very excited to compete for Kansas State University in this race. She and Nicole hope to represent school well and will learn a lot from this unique experience.

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