Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Evening Update: Alliance, NE

I just got off the phone with Nicole. The ladies are safe and sound in Nebraska and had quite a long day. They began the day with a breakfast (like...6am!) then left a short while later and were in the air enroute to Topeka. They had lunch with Megan's family and then departed for Alliance. They stopped for fuel enroute and also had dinner wtih some fellow racers. I'm not sure what team number they dined with, but Nicole said the competitors they ate with (also long time competitors--of like 30+ years?!) were going to drop out since half of the race was cancelled. Too bad for them...because there are 3 prime days of racing ahead!

The ladies are ready for a good night's sleep...and preparing for their first day of racing. With the delay in the start, they are getting an idea of what it is like to "hurry up and wait" on weather. There is nothing quite like racing and the excitement of not knowing where you will end up by the end of the day. Today, they are sleeping in Nebraska...tomorrow....who knows...we shall see!

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